Happy Memorial Day!  We’re doing Memorial Day gaming.  Time for Dragonheist.

Usually, we’d go over to a friend’s house and we’d have a nice cookout and we’d drink some beers.  This year we’re all on a zoom instead.  It’s much better than not hanging out at all, and Dragonheist is awesome, but I’d like this thing over with already and there’s no end in sight.

I am knitting a gaming sock.  It’s about as simple a pattern as one can do so that I can pay attention to gaming instead of knitting and it all comes out well in the end.

I had this hot idea that, because I’m nearly finished with the adventure mode on Ring-Fit, I’d put together a comparable custom workout and try that this morning.  What I didn’t realize is that, in the Adventure Mode, even though it takes me 30 minutes to get through a session, I do things other than exercise during that session — ignore the little story, make power-ups, do side quests, rearrange my exercises, etc.  But during Custom Mode, it simply pushes through the exercise regime one after another like a drill sergeant.  Of course, I completely filled it out with 16 exercises.  So when I was done early I was like “oh that wasn’t anything, will this fill the void?”

And three hours later I have a terrible workout headache and everything hurts.  There are places that hurt that I didn’t realize could hurt.

That answers that question.  I’m drinking a zero-calorie Gatorade right now.

I found one of the crazy stupid things I miss is getting a Diet Coke.  And this is not “go to the store and get a case of Diet Cokes.” I mean crappy, in a paper cup from a restaurant out of a fountain machine Diet Coke.  I realized I had not had a Diet Coke since Mid-March, and I kind of missed it, but I don’t really want one, but I want the idea of getting one from a restaurant.

I’m so into Gideon the Ninth.  I’m halfway through.  I read slow these days, but I’m not sure this book is going to last much longer.

I’m ignoring the news.  I know from some backwash that, as we cross 100,000 people dead from the coronavirus during Memorial Day, our Dear Leader is busy flinging conspiracy theories and foaming at the mouth.  That’s not real interesting right now.


  • 14,163,915 total tests
  • 1,665,977 confirmed positive.
  • 98,861 confirmed dead.
  • 453,245 recovered
  • 46,919 cases in MD,  2,324 dead
  • 1 out of every 193 (!!) people have it in Howard County.

It feels like it’s coming at me.  Slowly.  Creeping.