When the overtly white “open up” protestors drove up to the Michigan statehouse brandishing guns, the cops stood aside and the GOP cheered.

Last night, when the mixed-race protestors protested in many cities, the governments called out the national guard and pelted protestors with rubber bullets, bean bags, and tear gas.  They’ve shoved over the elderly.  They’ve pelted residential streets with paint. In NYC, the cops drove through a crowd.  In Seattle, the cops maced a child.

But the White House’s National Security Advisor says this morning there is no systemic racism.  Except, of course, for the extremely obvious systemic racism.

And the cops systemically attacked the press like we’re some kind of dictatorship.  Because with leadership screaming that the press is the enemy of the people for years, someone out there is going to believe them.

Something is deeply wrong.

Meanwhile, in Florida, there’s a statistically significant uptick in pneumonia deaths.  Because, if you report the deaths as pneumonia instead of what it likely is, COVID-19, the death toll stops ticking up at an alarming rate.  We can’t mess with Dear Leader’s stats.

The core cause is a complete lack of leadership from the top.  No coronavirus leadership.  No economic fallout leadership.  A complete lack of compassion.  A complete lack of empathy.  People are hurting and a void is all there is.  All it took was a match on dry tinder, and it all went up.

COVID-19 has slammed these communities.  They’re the first to lose their jobs.  They’re the first to lose their health access.  They’re the first to die.  And they’re the first to lose their vote at the hands of the GOP.  And they can’t wear a mask without white people freaking out.

And here’s how people feel about Trump:

“This is like Charlottesville all over again. He speaks and he makes it worse. There are times when you should just be quiet. And I wish that he would just be quiet.”

— Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (D)

He’s better off saying nothing at this point than trying to lead.

God, I hope everyone protesting is wearing a mask.  COVID-19 is very much not done with any of us.

The world is awful and I’m watching Dragon dock with the ISS streaming live on Youtube.  People are dying and other people are rioting and I can watch space, real space, streaming live over the Internet.  It’s like a science fiction novel.

I’m having trouble grappling with 2020.

Let’s talk about the stats.  Did you remember the stats?  There’s this thing?  It’s called coronavirus? It’s still killing people?


  • 16,495,443 completed tests.
  • 1,782,877 confirmed cases.  THIS IS STILL INCREASING.
  • 104,682 confirmed dead except all those undercounted by reporting their cause of death as pneumonia so it’s probably 120,000-ish.
  • 51,632 cases in MD with 2,524 dead
  • 1 in 173 people have it in Howard County