I keep writing these blog posts because we are under no circumstances out of the woods with COVID-19.  We’re tentatively sticking our nose out the door, but the virus is still out there.  It has no cure. It has a 6% death rate.  We’re still dying at 1500 a day.  105,000 people are dead.

Go read this: How to Make this Moment the Turning Point by Barack Obama on Medium.  Bask in a moment of actual leadership.  The moment only lasts 4 minutes and it’s worth it.

Because Trump has decided to abdicate all leadership and, literally, hide in his basement cowering. When he’s not cowering, he’s threatning.

His total inaction speaks far louder than any words ever could.  He’s a coward.  He’s afraid.  And he has failed.

  • Trump failed on the initial coronavirus response when it spread in China.
  • Trump failed on the initial coronavirus response when it spread in the US.
  • Trump failed to address coronavirus as it killed the economy.
  • Trump failed to address the coronavirus as it killed 100,000 Americans.
  • Trump failed to address the anger and the outrage after police brutality took the lives of our citizens.
  • Trump is a coward.

And now — dear god, now — he has gone full on dictatorial fascist.  This is what he considered “leadership.”  Here is some crazy shit coming out of this guy today:

His game plan is the same:

  • Encounter some major problem.
  • Foist it off on the govenors.
  • Some petty tin can dictator shit.
  • Profit!

He has his lackey, Tom Cotton, demanding a use of the Insurrection Act!  Does anyone other than me know what the hell that is? He wants to call in the 82nd Airborne!  On his own citizens!  And slaughter them!

These dudes live for violence boners.  All they want to see is the military mow down unarmed civilians in a miasma of blood and murder.  They want pits full of decaying bodies.

How 42% — 42%!  — can get up in the morning, look themselves in the face, and claim to support this shivering, sad, broken old racist who spits the words of racists of old and cowers in his basement, I do not know and cannot even imagine.

I know, I know.  The cruelty and the racism is the point.  It’s hard for me to accept that 42% of all voters are so callously, awfully, horribly cruel and terrible people.  I’ve read Howard Zinn.  I’ve read the history of the Civil War. I know it is true from this disengaged, academic point of view.  But it’s a lot of cruel people who lack any empathy for their fellow human beings.

This is truly terrifying.  The President and his enablers are cowering in basements and demanding that the governors use the military to slaughter their own people.

Meanwhile, the virus marches on, killing people at a pretty good clip.  It’s not done with us. It’s not. Don’t think for a moment it is.

If you’re going to go out and protest, be safe.  And please, for god’s sake, wear a mask.


  • 16,936,891 tested
  • 1,812,827 confirmed positive
  • 105,687 dead
  • 53,456 cases found in MD with 2,593 dead
  • 1 in 167 people have it in Howard County

I’ll be here in my bunker.