Good news!  We don’t need to put Donald Trump in jail because he ordered the military to build bars around the White House!

At least he got his Wall.  Between him and the city he lives in.

I find something indescribably sad, yet symbolic, about the fencing blocks-wide that now surrounds the White House to keep the hoi polli out.  I was sad when the White House was locked down like Fort Knox after 9/11, but at least the parks across the street were open and the Pennsylvania Ave was full of segway-tourists.  Now that’s gone, too.  The People’s House has turned into a jail cell, a vision of brutal oppression and fear.

Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt used to answer the door? You could walk up to the door of the White House and he’d personally show you around.

Enough of that.

So, the pre-art PDF for Swords of the Serpentine dropped!  You should go buy it.  The game, even without all the art, is pretty damn keen.  I keep hearing people making little squee noises on twitter, and that makes me happy.  I’m happy to have brought a little bit of sunshine into the world right now.

Also, a bunch of us did a panel on adding Cthulhu to your game.  It was fun!  I’m an old old old CoC 5th Ed player from way back when and fan of the Mythos.  I cannot say I have kept the mythos all in my head after all these years.  It’s just one part of a slurry that washes around up there with everything else.  But it was fun and goofy.

Maryland is opening up to “Phase 2.”  I am deathly afraid we’re going to have a massive spike in coronavirus in two weeks.  Between the protests and all the businesses opening up again, I think people are going to die.  But hey, everyone needs to get their hair dyed, so it’s a thing.

Anyway, I’m not in much of a bloggy mood.  The world just feels bad. If you want a good pick me up, I strongly suggest laying hands on the SotS PDF.  It’s good, and it’s a thing that will make your day brighter.


  • 18,214,950 total tests
  • 1,875,558 cases found
  • 108,444 dead
  • 55,621 cases in MD with  2,700 dead
  • 1 out of every 161 people has it in Howard County