The only thing that has worked through the entire pandemic has been exercise.  Lots and lots and lots of exercise.  I’ve fallen an entire pant size since March.  The number on the scale hasn’t gone down much but the waistbands and the now super baggy t-shirts do not lie.

Thus here we are taking it up a notch.

And failing.

Ok, so, even though I was doing everything to get into shape, when I got on the bike this morning I found out that I was not actually in shape.  To be fair, it’s been 16 years (we estimate) since I last got on my bike, so being out of practice is totally understandable.  But on a hill, I went into 3rd gear instead of 1st gear and gave myself a nice giant asthma attack.  We got home fine, with my butt and thighs on fire, and then turned around and went out for another 20-minute walk in which I caught ~20 Pokemon.

We’re fully planning to go out again tomorrow morning.  Get up, get out of bed, get on the outdoor bike, go through the park.  Out out out.  Do the loop until it is easy.  Then find longer loops.  The only way to maintain coherent sanity is to keep pushing on the exercise.

The park was loaded with people.  I think there was some kind of little league playoff thing going.  They weren’t wearing masks, which was a little grumpy-making.  But it was outside.  If they were in the mall, I’d be all like “I’m not going in there.”  But it was on a baseball field.  So I dunno.  We whizzed past them anyway.

I know.  I’m getting dangerously close to going full couch-to-5K.

I’m screwing around with Strava because we bought a bike mount for my phone.  It really wants me to give it $99 for things.  I really like the route mapping but I don’t see $99 of value (yet).  I dunno — maybe there’s something there I want?

Then after all that exercise, I promptly cleaned the house, which was gross because people now live in it and the whole place decays at a faster rate than it ever has.

I’m not sure what I want to do this afternoon.  There’s the Baking Option ™ — a brownie recipe has been selected.  There’s the reading murderbot option, as I’m to the novel.  There’s the work on something production option.  There’s also the nap option, and after all the exercise, all I want to do is eat and nap.  So we’ll see!

I’m avoiding all news except for coronavirus news for a little bit.  I’m starting to believe deep down that any other news is mostly nonsense and a distraction.   There’s really only one news story, and it’s the pandemic.  Everything else is just “look over here!”


  • 34,213,497 completed tests.
  • 2,793,316 positive cases.
  • 131,404 dead from the virus.
  • 69,026 cases in MD, 3,303 dead
  • 1 in 124 people have it in Howard County, MD

Considering how flat the numbers are in MD, I’m not surprised the park was full of people this morning.  It does look like the deaths are trailing off here, although the positive rate is ticking up a touch.  People have it but, because the hospitals aren’t overloaded, fewer people are dying of the virus. That’s probably the right place to be.

But if I look at, say, Florida, the rise in rates is so horrifying it looks like exponential growth on the log graphs.  (The linear graphs are straight into the sky.)  It looks like the virus started its exponential growth rampage right at Memorial Day in Florida, and now it’s in full blossoming stage.  The charts for Florida are terrifying.