I thought that I’d take this whole series down and archive it somewhere around July 1st.  Virus defeated, everything in decline, economy starting to reopen, things beginning to limp back to normal.


Texas reported 10,900 new cases alone yesterday.  We’re back to taking up to 8 days to get a test result.  Four states are the hottest coronavirus hot spots in the world.  We’re worse than places with no health care at all.

I have taken to calling this second big wave the “stupid times.”  We are the stupidest people in the world.

The first wave, ok, those were the scary times.  We didn’t know how it spread, or how bad it got, or how it got out of hand.  We had no great handle on the pandemic.  It was located to a few incredibly intense outbreaks.

Now, we’re the world’s biggest experiment in herd immunity.  We’ve made an active and conscious choice to simply let the entire population get the coronavirus and those who die, die.  This is actively dumb.

I talked about this way back in the beginning — way back in April — which I was convinced this was the Federal Government strategy all along.

That’s the no-strategy strategy.  The strategy where we put no strategy in place and just “sees what happens” because “fighting the coronavirus is hard.”

Trump’s handling of the coronavirus is now at 67% who disapprove/strongly disapprove.  My big question is… who are these 33% who approve and why?  Is the Venn Diagram of those who approve and those who watch FOX News exclusively starting to 100% overlap?

I dunno.  All I know is that here in MD the Rt is back over 1.  And I’m not sure if it’s us passing it around because people are going “it’s all safe in MD now” or if it’s people coming in from out of state thinking its safe here and spreading their virus all over the place.

Either way, this is all very very bad.  We’re back where we started.  Arizona and South Carolina are worse than NYC was at the height in April.  The coronavirus is a flat circle.  We will continue to get waves of it until we make a conscious decision to step off the wheel of enlightenment here.  Until then it is spin, spin, spin until it kills everyone it is going to kill.

And meanwhile, Trump says this is a thing that happened to him, not a thing he could control.  If there’s any reason to toss this guy out on his ass in November — among so many, many, many reasons — this is the very top.

The stats.


  • 38,032,966 completed tests.
  • 3,138,911 new cases, up 59K.  It’s up ~58-63K a day right now.
  • 135,450 confirmed dead.  This has gone from ~300/day back to 900/day.
  • 72,040 cases in MD with  3,383 deaths
  • 1 out of 117 people have it in Howard County.

It looks like the 75K new cases earlier in the week were 4th of July reporting overflow.

By the way, I do want to recommend the Covid Tracking Project and their twitter feed.  They send out fresh stats around 6pm every evening with graphs and some analysis.  Then 538 has some further analysis.  These are super useful to follow in the evening.  I also look at rt.live daily now.