Yep.  Day 120.

So.  The second wave of the Spanish Flu in 1918 in St. Louis.  The first wave never really completed.  It sort of bumped along for a couple of months.  They decided to social distance at the beginning of the pandemic, broke up the virus, decided they were bored of it, and reopened the city.    Then they had the second wave.  This is what the graph looks like:


If you want to understand what we’re in for, we’re in for that huge second wave.   That’s what is happening right now.  And it won’t stop until people get so frightened at the top of that wave that they finally do what needs to be done — social distance, wear masks, close down the bars.

I’m pretty pissed off at most of America.  We traded away our children’s education and futures for whiny bar owners and people who wanted to go out and get drunk.  Sloppy drunkenness now >> world competitiveness later.

Our priorities are such a wreck.  We’re such idiots.  The Cold War ended and we regressed into moronic adolescents.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world moves on.  Taiwan had baseball with fans in the stands yesterday.

The TV Thing

My Dad suggested we watch this game show called Don’t.  We watched an episode last night and I had these ???s over my head at the end of it.  I think like the above post implies, it’s too complicated to follow.  That lead me to twitter and a cavalcade of twitter-based suggestions.  We watched 1 episode of the following after Don’t:

  • Holey Moley.  My rating: WATCH.  Very weird competitive mini-golf.  The obstacles push the players into the drink.  Occasionally someone is set on fire.  They have Joe Tessitore color commentating which is a thing to do when College Football isn’t on.  I liked Rob Riggle as sort of a hacky Patrick Warburton.  Will continue to watch.
  • Crossing Swords.  My Rating: ON THE FENCE.  Animated comedy series from the guys who did Robot Chicken.  When it was funny it was very funny but the premier is hit or miss and super uneven.  Lots of off-color Adult Swim-type jokes.  We might give it another shot, though.
  • Kentaru: the Sweet Tooth Salesman.  My Rating: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?  This show is based on the manga of the same name.  A guy quits his job as a programmer to become a book salesman so he can sneak off and sample Tokyo’s finest sweet shops.  You will learn about sweet bean paste!
  • New Press Your Luck.  My Rating: FIRM PASS.  This show is not very PANDEMIC_OK.  It’s too stressful.  Watching someone flush away 150K on a spin when there’s 25% unemployment is not entertaining or funny.  I remember loving Press Your Luck as a kid but man, just no.

The big winner of the watchathon was Holey Moley, which I can heartily recommend.  It has that lighthearted goofiness that is A-OK in the Pandemic but not good now.

Also, we did bike stuff and I baked and we gamed but I’ll talk about bike stuff tomorrow, I think.


  • 40,282,536 total tests.
  • 3,266,707 total positive results.  1% of the entire population of the United States has now tested positive for the novel coronavirus.  While 1% might not seem like much…. it’s actually huge.
  • 136,964 confirmed dead.  The death counts are rising again.  The Texas death rate is terrifying.
  • 73,060 cases in MD with  3,407 dead
  • 1 out of every 115 people have it in Howard County.

It’s rising here in Maryland again, too.  But, the rise looks to be douchebags out in bars in Ocean City.  Meanwhile the entire South and South West are getting hammered with this thing.

Just yikes.