Yeah, ok, I meant to write something yesterday and didn’t.  I am made of pure lies.


We have been adopted by a feral cat, whom I have now named MurderCat.  It’s a small black and white cat who moved in one day.  It goes between the plants in the front to the boxes on the side of the house (my poor gardening boxes…) and under the deck.  It prowls around in the woods behind the house.  I’m 99% sure MurderCat is why I have flowers out front this year since it eats all the bunnies.  And bunnies are delicious.

I’m not sure what we can do about getting it fixed since I’m not too excited about having a huge number of baby MurderCats prowling around.  It may already be fixed.  It looks a bit too healthy to be completely feral, but it’s definitely living on our property.  So I don’t know.  I guess we have a cat now.

The workout thing has really become a thing and not because I have dropped a pants size.  Or maybe not only because I have dropped a pants size.  (I have actually gained 8 lbs.  But you’d never know it from my waistline.  I can see it finally visibly coming off my hips now.)  The bike rides on the weekends were monumentally harder than whatever I was doing on the exercise bike, so I kept getting taken unawares by the sheer difficulty of pushing that heavy bike up a hill.  But there’s a solution to that: make the exercise bike harder until I felt near-equivalent pain.  I’ve been setting the bike to one of my routines and jacking the difficulty up.  And then huffing through that.

The end result is that I am walking around the house wanting to eat everything.  I am starving all the time.

Coming back to Covid, here’s Andrew Cuomo on Trump and Covid which is the most poignant and well-put statement floating around right now.  The President now says that his own health officials are lying about the virus.  The CDC is lying.  The NIH is lying.  Dr. Fauci is lying.

Cuomo is right — if everyone is lying, why doesn’t Trump fire them. That’s what a real leader who wanted to solve the problem would do.  If they’re lying about everything, why do they still have jobs?

He doesn’t want to fire them.  In fact, he can’t fire them.  He wants, he needs, someone to blame.  Meanwhile, 138,000 people are dead and Trump played two rounds of golf last weekend.

Oh, and everyone, send your kids back to school in the Fall!  That way, parents can get back to work and make money and we can re-open the economy and it will be great just like it was back in February!  Remember February?  How great it was in February?  How great your 401K was in February?  Then you’ll reward us at the ballot box in November for our genius instead of handing a landslide to the Democrats!  No, we won’t give schools Federal money to help make them safe.  What are you, crazy?  That’s deficit spending!  And it’s a state problem!  The states can go it alone!



  • 41,004,275 tests completed
  • 3,382,466 positive results
  • 137,724 dead
  • 74,124 cases in MD with 3,425 dead
  • 1 in 113 have it in Howard County

Today is going to be a blockbuster day for reporting.  It’ll be… great.

A tweet from Eric Cox at the Baltimore Sun:

Maryland’s coronavirus numbers not encouraging today: 733 new cases, the most since June 5; hospitalizations up with 29 additional patients to 415 – four out of last 6 days has seen an increase.

And it’s come back to us, too.