During the day, I have banished my news feeds and twitter to my phone.

When we were all in the office, I had very few personal anything running on my machine.  Putting spotify on my machine was a huge concession — but I need trance to get into the deep work headspace these days.  I had a few slack chatrooms in my slack client. And that was it.  There weren’t any security requirements or anything that kept things off my box.  I was just too busy all day to bother opening them up.

Being home meant that I no longer had the dash between rooms between meetings.  I could indulge and have a separate browser with that stuff and take a peek when I had a break.  But it meant I had access to that stuff all day.

And things, deeply crazy things, now happen all day long.  I remember fondly when a deeply crazy thing was like… 9/11.  But it feels like we have some kind of 9/11-level event every day, day after day, with no end.

So I’ve now turned it off during the day.  And I’ll skim the headlines in the evening and read something long form on the coronavirus — the only news that actually matters.  That has reduced my headaches by nearly 50%.  I just stopped looking at it all day every day.  There’s nothing I can do so I might as well go forward.

As for the coronavirus, the world has turned into a grey slog.  Selfish people won’t wear masks, Congress won’t fund testing and tracing, and the Federal Government won’t even take a make believe leadership role, so we’re in for a long wait while we wait for everyone who is going to get it to get it, and everyone who is going to drop dead from it to drop dead from it.  That’s kind of what we’ve signed up for.  We live in the dumbest country in the world in the dumbest possible timeline.

Look, eventually, pandemics burn themselves out by themselves.  They kill everyone they’re going to kill and move on.  Now, when pandemics rage out of control and kill everyone they’re going to kill, they tend to kill a huge number of people.  Check out, say, the Plague of Justinian in 541 AD.  Killed maybe 10% of the population of the entire world.  The Great Plague of London in 1666 killed 15% of the population of London.  That’s how this works.

It looks like new cases have gone down a tad in the US, but the death rate is, of course, skyrocketing.

I don’t even know any more.  There’s a part of me that is full of utter rage at a calamity that didn’t need to happen.  That never needed to happen.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump somehow thinks that what we all really really really really want, right now, in 2020, with the world on fire and body bags piling up and the economy in shambles, is a major change in the Affordable Housing Rules.  Tableflip.

We’re not really doing anything right now except watching Star Trek Discovery.  Although I’ll watch Cursed tonight.


  • 53,825,445 tests completed
  • 4,358,031 cases found in the US
  • 152,085 dead
  • 86,096 cases in MD with 3,558 dead
  • 1 in 95 have it in Howard County

I don’t actually believe that the plague spread is slowing down.  I think that the labs are over capacity and are backed up by a week or more, and that is what is reflected in the data.  I also suspect that the data is less good than it should be.

Meanwhile, we’re back up to 1500 people dying a day.  We are experiencing 1 9/11 every 2 days again.  No one seems to care.  Remember when we cared about 9/11?  1 every 2 days, people.