I keep opening WordPress, staring at a blank page, and then closing it again because I’m not even sure how to wrap my head around what is going on anymore.

But let’s try anyway.

Trump threatened yesterday to move the date of the election — a thing he cannot do — just like some kind of autocratic dictator because he’s desperately trying to find more time so he can pivot.

He has not only given up on the coronavirus, he’s given up on the economy. Being President is no longer fun, he isn’t going to win, he’s going to be a loser, and now he’s not going to bother with any of it anymore.  Unless everyone relents and lets him be President for Life, his new plan is to walk away and let it all burn.

I read a nice piece on Trump’s incentives which you can read here.  His incentives are:

  1. Win the election at any cost.
  2. Pass the buck and dodge blame for losing.
  3. Bind his voters to him tighter.
  4. Wander off to his next grift at 9.95 a month.

Nowhere in there is “protect down ballot lawmakers of his party” or “protect his party” or “protect American democracy.” He has no interest in any of those things.  He’s only interested in:



Passing the blame to someone else.

That’s it.  And since winning is off the table, here comes the obfuscation, the lies,  the blaming, the racism, the gaslighting, everything.  He doesn’t care about the economy because he can’t win on it, so screw it.  He doesn’t care about Americans — they can all burn as far as he is concerned.  He doesn’t care about 150,000 dead.

Trump hijacked the Republican Party and now it’s his creature, whatever that is.  Whatever the Republican Party used to be is dead now.  It’s not coming back.  Trump infested it, murdered it, and wears its skin.

Anyway, I am ranting.  But I am very deeply angry about the “let’s push the election date” trial balloon.  It’s so offensive down to my core, I don’t even know where to start.   It’s even more offensive — marginally — than the revelation that there is no national testing plan because a national testing plan included helping blue states.  Because if you are not part of Trump’s special voter clique, he is fine with letting you die.

This is the greatest single act of pure nihilism in the modern age.  He can’t win.  The race has become Trump vs the Virus, and the Virus cannot be spun, or gaslit, or lied to.  The Virus is immune to all of Trump’s bullying and attacks.  The Virus simply kills.  It’s Trump vs the Virus, and the Virus is winning.

Oh yeah.  And a hurricane is on its way.  Aiming right for Florida.  Where it is pandemic-city.  So that should work out well.

I so want to turn everything off and write a bit this weekend.  No news.  It just makes me angrier and angrier.


  • 54,466,962 tests completed.
  • 4,491,696 positive cases found.
  • 154,801 dead.
  • 87,743 cases in MD with 3,586 dead
  • 1 in 93 have it in Howard County

Here’s a study on how 260 campers were infected all at once at a summer camp in Georgia in June.  Most of them were children.  Think about that when talking about opening up the schools.