I’ve definitely gotten lax about posting things up to the blog here.  But that’s because it’s been 143 days.  I expected to blog every day for 90 days — three months — and then it would be gone and I’d wander back to talking about cyberpunk or machine learning or something else I’m super interested in.

But no.  I’ve been keeping this up for nearly 5 months.  And I swear we’ve entered some kind of weird new grey purgatory where nothing is getting better but no one cares and they’re going about their lives anyway which spreads the virus and ensures nothing gets any better and we’re in this loop and it’s a wildly spinning wheel of enlightenment going around and around like a psychotic tilt-a-whirl.

This interview with Trump and Jonathan Swan of Axios is utterly bonkers:

Watch the video.  Trump honestly seems to believe this utter nonsense coming out of his mouth about jerry rigging stats to make the US look good, and his staff armed him with cartoonish diagrams to help him make his point and look smart.  And then, people believe him.  And then they go out without masks.  And then more virus.  And here I am blogging on month 5 about COVID-19.

Two topics I am truly tired of: people dying of COVID-19 and Donald Trump.

Yet  he won’t — and can’t — go away because he is POTUS in this strangely dark and bleak Earth Two.  And the virus won’t either.  We’re all trapped together in this endless bleak purgatory. So, tableflip.

There’s so many other things in the news but I have reached news saturation.  I cannot read it anymore. I could spend an entire blog post simply ranting about the abuse of the Postal Service.  What did the Postal Service ever do to anyone?  What happened to my favorite Congressional fight of all time, when they decided to shut down the Postal Service for no delivery Sundays and Congressmen believed not receiving mail 7 days a week would make the nation dumber?  (Apparently, that came to pass.)  Or the economy which is now so deep in the hole I have no idea how it’s going to climb out?

Sometimes I feel like we’re all sitting here at the end of time.

  • I was on a nice panel with Kevin and Matt at GenCon for Swords of the Serpentine.  You can watch it here.
  • I finished the machine learning book I’ve been reading and the back came with a buy another for 30% off coupon so I burned that coupon on yet another book but this one on analyzing networks.  I think I’m equipped to start climbing the Keras cliff now, though.
  • I have not finished Venice’s Secret Spies.  It’s a pretty slow, dense read but it’s full of all sorts of goodness.  I’m in the middle of written correspondence networks.  I had this hot idea about a CYOA adventure written in ink that is just about composing and sending intelligence email in Early Modern Europe but I never have any time for my hot hot ideas.

Oh yeah.  We bought the office a small window air conditioner.  It was getting over 85 in here even with the AC cranked downstairs.  Floors of the house went from sweltering -> cool -> ice cold.  Now we can get the cool -> ice cold under control and use the air conditioner whenever the office is in use.

This blog post was just a meandering mess.  So let’s kill it off and look at the stats.


  • 57,543,852 completed tests.
  • 4,707,863 positive cases
  • 158,151 dead
  • 91,710 cases in MD with 3,619 dead
  • 1 in 88 people have it in Howard County

It’s definitely climbing back up the hill to pandemic heights again here in Maryland.  (Charts here.)  We’re finding more of it — probably those CVS drive through testing stations.  A smaller climb of hospitalizations and fewer deaths.  This probably means it’s younger people getting it and we’re finding it but it’s still spreading like wildfire.  Maryland has started contact tracing, and finding that it’s all house parties and family gatherings.

People aren’t going to the bars here, but they are having huge gatherings and hanging around with each other.  Then people pass it to each other and… breakout.

Turns out it was Marlins players sneaking out to the bars that brought down the Marlins.  I get it.  I really want to go to a party with my friends and sit on their deck and drink and talk about stuff.  Like, more than anything.  I’m super bored of this thing.  Day 143!!!  DAY 143!!!

But it’s gotta get under control.  1000 people a day dying is not acceptable.  It’s not acceptable, folks.  It’s not.