I quit my job and today was my last day.  I am, suffice to say, extremely emotional and sad about this.  I was super proud of our little company.  I mean, I still am, I’m just not there anymore.   It was four and a half years of my life, and I poured everything that was me into it to make it work.  I lived and breathed the place.

I don’t talk about work in public — an old habit from Zenimax that has served me well and will serve me well into the future.  But because this is a blog about living through the pandemic, I can say there is a straight line correlation between changing jobs right now, making an insane leap into the unknown when everything is remote and online, and the pandemic.  Because yes, I worked at a travel tech startup, and it’s an ugly, ugly time for travel tech startups in ways I cannot even begin to describe.  There aren’t words invented on Earth to describe my combination of rage and sorrow.  The travel industry is bad right now.  It’s bad.

Much of my rage I’ve poured out here on my blog at the pandemic — the lack of leadership, the lack of movement, the lack of testing, the lack of tracing, the complacency — was because I was directly impacted all day, every day, without end, with nothing I could do.  People would ask how was work and I’d say “oh it’s the apocalypse.” I’d rage at my blog and move on. Funny thing, at the new job I will be impacted all day, every day, without end, but in a much different and much weirder way.

It’s awful.

I will miss my job, and my team, terribly.  It was a great place with great people.  It still is, and I dearly hope that they survive this mess and come out stronger for it.  I can’t say enough positive things about the people.

This is the first time I changed jobs under my own power where I wasn’t like “that person X over there sucked.”  It’s like, this is bad, this situation is bad, the pandemic is bad, but at the end of the day, the fault lies at the feet of the pandemic and the horrific Federal response.  Had we had good Federal leadership, or a coordinated response, or we stifled it like the EU, it’s unlikely I would have jumped.  Or I would have thought much harder about it.  Or slow rolled and I would have stayed longer to see how well things recovered.  Had we returned to the ~60% travel as predicted by now… but we’re at 22% right now.  Globally.  It’s not getting better.  Not in 2020.

Fuck you, 2020.  Also, I am not a Donald Trump fan.

And I got a rare opportunity to do some good in the world, and I took it, because the world is so bad right now that I needed to take a job where I could punch evil right in the face.  There are other, ah, perks, that go with the job.

I’ll never talk about the new job on the Internet.  Don’t ask.  You can assume, if you know me, I chose the door labeled “crazy” because if there’s one thing I’m going to do, it’s acquire as many “no shit, there I was” stories before I die.

Lots of other things happened today but I don’t really care.

That was my day.  How was yours?


  • 58,903,657 completed tests
  • 4,759,729 positive cases.
  • 159,486 dead
  • 92,420 cases in MD with 3,628 deaths
  • 1 in every 87 has it in Howard County

Looks like the rate of finding infected people is slowing down again but the death rate is shooting up like mad.  ~1500 dead a day.  Christ, what are we even doing.  It’s a 9/11 every 2 days and I feel like no one cares or is arguing about the semantics of masks.