I am sitting on my deck doing two things right now:

  • Freaking out from having a good solid case of imposter syndrome around the new job believing I don’t know how to write code or do deeply technical things anymore because hey I don’t really do that anymore and it’s all going to go quite poorly next week and…
  • Upgrading and rewriting a bunch of python 3.8 code on my raspberry Pi (after I patched up Debian) to more “adult” code with coroutines using aiobotocore on the AWS calls and using the new typing library after I figured out how to get remote ssh to work through visual studio code (yay .ssh) and integrating my Yolov3 detection code into the service so that it processes detections locally because it’s ok if it sits and ponders for 6-7 seconds.  This after I rearranged and extracted my ML code into a portable module and banged out some crap code this morning to walk a directory of images, pass them through the detector, drop the guys who have no boxes found, and load them up into a CSV so I could see that Yolo occasionally believes I am taking pictures of fire hydrants and also of bears.

So either I know what I’m doing or I don’t.  It’s like Heisenberg’s uncertainty knowledge. Or I should be ok with being able to bang out perfectly acceptable data science python, accept that I’m good enough for now, and move on with my life.

I’m pretty wrecked about the death of the Big 10 Football season.  I knew it was coming a mile away but it’s terrible that it’s here.  I have no interest in the kids going out to play in dangerous conditions but, on the other hand, there’s no really good reason why we have dangerous conditions at all except extreme negligence.  This one is a deeply emotional blow.  We’ve now decided as a society that we’re not going to have college football because we decided as a society that we cannot be adults and do the thing that needs adulting and grow up.  We have decided that we don’t have things anymore.

(Slate has this blow by blow of how Trump killed Americans and destroyed the country — and football — if you can stomach it.)

It’s just another thing that has died in this pandemic on a long list of things that have died: the economy, travel, vacations, going to the movies, going to the mall, going out to eat, summer hanging out on people’s decks, new media coming out, MLB (mostly), school in the fall, fall sports, the global reputation of the United States.  And we’re ok with all these things dying because… mah freedomzzzzz. MAH FREEDOMZZZZZZZZ!  GIMME MAH FREEDOMZZZZZZZZZ!  BIRDS AND GUNS AND SHIT BLOWING UP AND FREEDOMZ!

God.  Take your freedomz and just go away.  I’m so angry about it all I want to explode. I just don’t understand how any sane person can… be ok… with this.

Also, one day I will remember all the commands for systemd but today is not that day.  And I’m busy trying to convince my Pi that it’s ok to run some Fortran.  It doesn’t believe me.


  • 61,792,571 total completed tests.
  • 5,028,806 total positive results
  • 164,900 dead
  • 96,065 cases in MD with 3,682 dead
  • 1 out of 84 people have it in Howard County

When do we care about the number of the dead?  200,000?  250,000? 1,000,000?  It feels like no one cares that 165K people are dead from this thing who didn’t need to be dead.  Are we that level of sociopaths?  This whole thing is incomprehensible to me, day after day, week after week. I just don’t get it.  How horrible of a people are we?