In Elijah’s first incarnation, he was a religious artist to the Court of Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV).  He was young, knew nothing of death, and launched his snaky self on the path to Agartha.  He joined a swanky new Arcanum, the Wheel of Fortunue, learned a bit about them and some Sorcery, and learned how to do some basic research.  He picks up some Lore, Scholarship, Craftsmanship, and a little Deceit as he learns to be Deceitful.  He dies an old man in his bed, fat on wine and with a young wife at his side.  All in all, a pretty good life!

Then, Elijah wakes in AD 30 in the body of a young Jewish Scholar.  What a better time to launch into more research on Sorcery!  And once the Fool has come and gone and all the new Cults appear in his wake, Elijah the Moon Nephilim takes advantage of an unstable political situation to build little cults around him.  He pulls out the Presence, a bit more Deceit and maybe a little more Scholarship as he learns the languages of the region.  Again he dies an ancient man having seen the rise of a new religion seeping its way across the Mediterranean.

It’s the Third Incarnation where things to horribly wrong.  Elijah incarnates into the form of one of the last of the Fisher Kings, a Merovingian clinging to the secrets of the Fool and the tattered, passed remains of the Roman Empire.  The depths of the Dark Ages is no place for a Nephilim; no research, no books, no reading.  Instead, Elijah finds himself hunted by Charlemagne’s Paladins across Central Europe.  For a while he rallies his men with his Presence, Weapons, Endurance and Survival but they find him and kill him.  Elijah is lucky — the techniques for making elixers do not exist yet.

Elijah wakes in 1590 London full of wrath and vengeance.  He throws himself into the new, hot magic of the time: Alchemy.  It’s a switch from Sorcery and more work with nastier downsides but, in some ways, more potent.  He also throws himself into the hedonist life of the Alchemist: some Lore, sure, but Deceit, Presence, Rapport, and some Empathy to pretend he cares.  He has the Conviction of his hate and the Discipline to focus it.  He develops one of his Metamorphosis as he throws himself into a life of hate for all humans around him.  He kills himself in this life with drink.

Finally, Elijah is in New York in 2011 in the body of a homeless man who was once a Physics Professor.  From his Simulacrum he gets just enough Investigation, Scholarship, Survival and Drive to start making his way back to the secret underground of the practice of magic.  But if he wants to contact his fellow Nephilim and return to the way of Agartha, he better find a way to find a way to make some cash.  Meanwhile, a WWII Secret Society, the Thule Brundeschaft, hunts all Nephilim who were once Fisher Kings because they desire the artifacts of the Fool so they can rise a new Reich: the Staff of Longinus, the True Cross, the Holy Grail.  Only the FIsher Kings know what these are and where they are hidden — and the Thule has contacts with the Order of the Black Star.  And the Black Star desires to make Nephilim into Elixers.

Elijah uses a 2 Superb, 2 Great, 2 Good, 3 Fair and 5 Average scheme for his 35 points to allocate his skills.  After working it out, Elijah has:

Superb:  Lore, Deceit
Great:  Scholarship, Presence
Good: Weapons, Survival
Fair:  Rapport, Empathy, Endurance
Average:  Drive, Investigation, Empathy, Conviction, Discipline

Elijah has some Endurance (physical), Presence (social) and Conviction (mental) skills.  These affect his stress tracks.

Endurance: OOOO
Presence: OOOOOO
Conviction: OOO

In his current Incarnation, Elijah is loaded with Moon Nephilim charisma, and some decent Physical fortitude, but he’s a little loose in the mental department: precisely what one would expect from a Serpent.