Those Who Creep and Nibble
Circle: Seals
Element: Earth
Rupture: Befuddlement
Duration: Until Next Thursday
Skills: Conviction (+1), Intimidation (+1), Athletics (+5), Dodge (+2), Weapons (Teeth) (+2)
Description: These little house-cat sized imps with razor claws and enormous teeth can climb anywhere. They only attack inanimate matter. They can eat anything given enough time. While chowing down, the air is full of the sounds of mastication, gurgling, chewing, mashing, and general enthusiastic eating.

The Dark Governors of the Powers of Pestilence
Circle: Seals
Element: Water
Rupture: Capture – only the Summoner will incur the attack
Duration: 14 minutes
Skills: Conviction (+2), Presence (+2), Weapon (Gas) (+4)
Description: a gas cloud appears in the pentacle and dissipates into the atmosphere. Everyone in the radius of the gas except the Summoner smells the most horrible, foul odor imaginable. Those afflicted by the smell must survive an Endurance contest vs. the Gas Weapon of the Governors. Failing the contest, the victim is overcome with nausea, convulsions and vomiting. Victims may faint after being overcome. If the contract ruptures, only the Summoner is overcome with nausea.

The Minister of Peace, Clothed with Beryl
Circle: Pentacles
Element: Air
Rupture: Capture — the Summoner will be the only one targeted by the Summoning
Duration: 30 minutes
Skills: Conviction (+3), Presence (+3), Rapport (+3), Empathy (+4)
Description: The Minister is a fully sentient Summoning. He’s also fairly difficult to control once he appears. Nonetheless, the Minister of Peace is a translucent man with a sweet, rich, deep voice. When he speaks, no one can fight, either physically or verbally. He dismisses Sorcery, Summonings and Alchemical Formulae hanging in the air. His presence creates a feeling of love and friendship between all human beings and with nature in general. Once he establishes peace, he pronounces a 15 minute long sermon on the futility of hatred and disappears in a puff of smoke.

Sandolphon, Princess of the Ashim, Queen of the Wind Rose, Countess of the Cardinal Points
Circle: Pentacles
Element: Air
Rupture: The Nephilim takes boxes of Mental Stress and the Summoning leaves.
Duration: The time to execute one task.
Skills: Conviction (+6), Presence (+5), Rapport (+4), Scholarship (+7), Lore (+7)
Description: Sandolphon is a very beautiful winged woman with bluish hair and eyes. She wears a javelin, a sword, winged sandals, and a toga. Her presence is majestic and sensual.

Sandolphon can:

– Decipher any Air sorcery invocation and translate it for the caster into any language.

– Correct transcribed or otherwise partly ruined Summoning Rituals for other Summonings.

– Locate a Stasis, even if the owner is not Incarnate.

– Answer any question of human knowledge or history.

– Show the caster a one minute scene of anything happening anywhere at that time, but the Nephilim must stipulate the scene.

– Move objects through the air. She will move a human-sized object for free but she demands gifts of items of knowledge and wonder for greater weights.

Sandolphon will teach the caster “the Daughters of Lul of Faltenin,” the Summoning for her sword. It is a terrible instrument of destruction (Weapon: 6). She only teaches the Summoner the invocation of her sword if the Summoner is an Air Nephilim, has already concluded its pact with Sandolphon and agrees to never transcribe the Summoning for others.

The Summoner gains a +1 shift bonus to negotiating the Contract with Sandolphon if he offers her the gift of new written knowledge.

The Armor of Those Who Are Born of the Sowed Teeth
Circle: Seals
Element: Earth
Rupture: Disappearance
Duration: Until next Thursday
Skills: Conviction (+2), Intimidation (+3)
Description: The Summoning appears as a set of black armor. It feels like black leather but resists damage like black onyx. It fits precisely to the Summoner’s body. The Summoner can put the armor on and off. It resists damage as Armor:5. It defends both physical attacks and mental attacks.

The Powerful Pale Queen of Pain with Tears of Flame
Circle: Pentacles
Element: Moon
Rupture: Capture: the Queen sets the Crown of Thorns on the Nephilim’s Head
Duration: 24 hours
Skills: Conviction (+5), Intimidate (+5), Weapon: Crown of Thorns (+5)
Description: Invisible except for Ka-Vision, a beautiful woman appears dressed in a flowing white dress with reddened eyes dripping with blood. She wears a crown of thorns upon her head.

The Queen follows the Nephilim around for the duration of the Summoning until the Nephilim points out the victim. Then the Queen removes the Crown from her head and places it on the victim’s head. The victim must make a contested roll against the Queen’s weapon to avoid the Crown. If the victim resists, the Queen screams in frustration and disappears. If the Queen wins the contest, the Queen sighs in relief and disappears.

Instantly the victim goes mad as the Crown assaults his mind with paralyzing visions. The only way to remove the Crown is to make a mental check against the Crown to accept the Crown willingly. If the contest succeeds, the Crown disappears. Otherwise, the one doing the freeing now wears the Crown. Certain summonings, like the Prince of Salt Wisdom, can dismiss the Crown at will.

The Undine Ualama, Lord Principality of the Third Gate
Circle: Keys
Element: Water
Rupture: Unbelievably bad things
Duration: 1 request
Skills: Conviction (+7), Empathy (+7), Presence (+7), Rapport (+6), Lore (+7), Scholarship (+7)
Description: The summoning of Ualama, Lord Principality of the Third Gate requires the voluntary acquisition of the negative Aspect Ualama’s Geas. Ualama will decide the details of the Geas based on the Contract negotiations. Dismissing Ualama requires sacrificing 500lbs of pure treasure in a giant convocation of flame. And even then, Ualama will leave at a comfortable saunter.

Ualama appears as a nude wizened old man or woman with long hair and a body made of flowing liquids. Ualama speaks quietly, and all who are not the Summoner must make a mental contest roll against Ualama’s Presence to avoid being possessed by incredible sexual longings. Should bystanders succumb to these urges, all heterosexual couplings are fruitful.

The Summoner may make one request of Ualama. It has all knowledge of all Water Sorcery and Summonings, but does not teach or inscribe them on the souls of Nephilim. However, it can make the effect of one Water Sorcery spell permanent on the Summoner — and this is any Water spell up through Grand Secret.

Typically, Summoners ask Ualama to perform a favor in love or sexual attachment. Ualama can make a target fall in endless love with the Summoner. It can make a cowardly man brave or a brave man craven, no matter the man. If the Summoner wanted to ask Ualama to turn a great politician or political leader into a shaking coward, Ualama can do that. Ualama can also imbue a target with virtue far beyond the target’s original capacity. But this is all sort of a joke to Ualama, who finds all this relationship nonsense quite funny.

Many say Ualama is one of the few Nephilim who have ascended to Agartha and chosen to rule over mystical planes instead of becoming One with Enlightenment.