Black Stone Formula


Black Stone Alchemy.  Melanosis.  The decomposition of matter.  The Alchemist splits matter into simpler parts.

A big list of Black Stone Alchemical Formulae from Nephilim:

Name Element Duration Description
The Calcination of the Secret Fire Fire 1 hour Sets fire to any kind of inanimate matter but only the target.
The Fire Dissolver Fire Instant Cancels the effects of any Sorcerous or Alchemical fire.
The Double Igneous Man Fire 1 hour Creates a burning silhouette of any one person, acquiring their skills and stress boxes.  It obeys the caster.  Immune to physical danger but dissolves in water.
The Gas of the Egg’s Concoction Air 15 minutes Destroys breathable air 100m around a point chosen by the caster.  Victims must overcome Endurance contests against caster’s shifts of success on casting or else pass out.
The Darkening of the Seven Shaded Walls Air 15 minutes Creates thick smoke 30m radius around the caster and blocks sight.  Smoke dissolves naturally.
The Air Dissolver Air Instant Cancels Sorcerous or Alchemical Air Magic
The Freezing of the Living Stone Earth 15 minutes Caster must touch a target.  Target’s feet become has heavy as stone.  Target must overcome Endurance contests against caster’s shifts of success on casting to move.
The Freezing of the G Earth 15 minutes Caster reduces gravitational pull within a 5m radius around point of casting.  The weight is 1/10th of original.
The Reduction of the Egg of Azoth Earth 15 minutes Destroys any alien body in a living organism.  May cure a disease or a poisoning.  Must be mixed and drunk in a liquid.
The Earth Dissolver Earth Instant Cancels the effects of any Sorcerous or Alchemical Earth magic.
The Dissolving of the Double Salt Water Instant Allows the caster to dehydrate one person of the caster’s choice, giving that person a powerful thirst.  Target must either drink or overcome Endurance contest against ??? to avoid passing out.
The Double Reduction of Emerald Water Special Allows the caster to reduce the size of any living or non-living thing by half that already weighs 500kg.  The object must be one entire thing.  The reduction is maintained as long as the caster concentrates.
The Water Dissolver Water Instant Cancels the effect of any Sorcerous or Alchemical water spells.
The Splitting of the Red Moon Moon 15 minutes Allows the caster to drive the target mad.  Target must make a challenge of Conviction against caster’s shifts of success on casting to regain sanity.  May be used on animals.
The Transformation of the Black Claw Moon 15 minutes Casting the powder on someone’s arm causes it to grow into a monstrous paw with claws.  Acts as a Weapon: XXX for the duration.  Claw is obvious and will burst out of shirts during transformation.
The Tear of the Black Moon Moon Until next Monday Allows the caster to break the rational mind of the victim.  Her walls of intellectual association break down mixing pieces of past dreams with present thoughts.  She can resist the spell by rolling Conviction against a challenge of the caster’s shifts on casting, once per day, until succeeding.
The Moon Dissolver Moon Instant Cancels the effects of any Sorcerous or Alchemical moon spells.

White Stone Fomulae

The Sublimation of the Drinkable Gold

Element: Fire

Duration: Instant

The caster sprinkles the powder on a liquid which it immediately drinks.  It removes all boxes from mental and physical stress in return for smoke literally pouring from the caster’s ears, nose and mouth.  Others can drink the liquid, including Simalacra. Drinker must be conscious.


The Adamantic Sign of the Resurrection of the Rose

Element: Earth

Duration: until next Thursday

The caster pre-prepares a copper plate with alchemical symbols.  A charged plate can heal the wounds (clear all physical stress tracts) of any wound on any wounded person.  The wounded person does not need to be conscious.  Can dramatically bring people back from the very brink of death.


The Water of Life of the Sleepy Metal

Element: Earth

Duration: 1 Scene

The caster sprinkles the powder on the target’s clothes.  The clothing becomes impervious to all physical damage, although it does not protect against magickal damage.  Upon absorbing the glow, the clothing glows a dramatic silver because, hey, magick clothes.


The Ship of the Sacred Androgyny*

Element: Water

Duration: 1 Scene

The caster sprinkles the powder on a small statue and it transforms into a large, hollowed-out, metal structure that is, actually, a mobile Nephilim power-armor.  It acquires an Armor rating equal to shifts of success when mixing the powder, protects against drowning and asphyxiation, and, if the caster wishes, it can develop wheels and move over 100mph.   After the spell is completed, the Nephilim’s Simulacrum must rest for at least 10 hours.


The Sublimation of the Eye of Tar

Element: Air

Duration: until next Wednsday

Caster rubs its eyes with the powder and a third eye appears on its forehead.  The eye opens on the caster’s command and allows the caster to see through all matter as if it was glass up to 500m.


Mutations of the Hellhound

Element: Moon

Duration: until next Monday

The alchemist tosses a dose of the powder on a four-legged mammal, like a dog.  A second head sprouts from the shoulder.  This new head takes control of the animal and obeys the caster.  It looks about as terrible as one expects.  When the spell wears off, the new head dissolves away.

Animal stats are not germane to DFRPG.  For this spell, give the animal one great, two good, two fair and two average skills and set the stress tracks for the skills.  It should have the High Aspect “Hideous Two Headed Animal.”


The Purification of the Selene Water

Element: Moon

Duration: 1 Scene

The caster sprinkles the powder around itself.  Everything acts like it is under water — wood floats, stones sink, people suddenly must swim through thin air.  All people, objects and pets settles to their own density level.  The radius extends from the caster up to a 50m radius.  Great for birthdays!