“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” -- Carl Sagan

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Day 143: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

I’ve definitely gotten lax about posting things up to the blog here.  But that’s because it’s been 143 days.  I expected to blog every day for 90 days — three months — and then it would be gone and I’d wander back to talking about cyberpunk or machine learning or something else I’m super interested in.

But no.  I’ve been keeping this up for nearly 5 months.  And I swear we’ve entered some kind of weird new grey purgatory where nothing is getting better but no one cares and they’re going about their lives anyway which spreads the virus and ensures nothing gets any better and we’re in this loop and it’s a wildly spinning wheel of enlightenment going around and around like a psychotic tilt-a-whirl.

This interview with Trump and Jonathan Swan of Axios is utterly bonkers:

Watch the video.  Trump honestly seems to believe this utter nonsense coming out of his mouth about jerry rigging stats to make the US look good, and his staff armed him with cartoonish diagrams to help him make his point and look smart.  And then, people believe him.  And then they go out without masks.  And then more virus.  And here I am blogging on month 5 about COVID-19.

Two topics I am truly tired of: people dying of COVID-19 and Donald Trump.

Yet  he won’t — and can’t — go away because he is POTUS in this strangely dark and bleak Earth Two.  And the virus won’t either.  We’re all trapped together in this endless bleak purgatory. So, tableflip.

There’s so many other things in the news but I have reached news saturation.  I cannot read it anymore. I could spend an entire blog post simply ranting about the abuse of the Postal Service.  What did the Postal Service ever do to anyone?  What happened to my favorite Congressional fight of all time, when they decided to shut down the Postal Service for no delivery Sundays and Congressmen believed not receiving mail 7 days a week would make the nation dumber?  (Apparently, that came to pass.)  Or the economy which is now so deep in the hole I have no idea how it’s going to climb out?

Sometimes I feel like we’re all sitting here at the end of time.

  • I was on a nice panel with Kevin and Matt at GenCon for Swords of the Serpentine.  You can watch it here.
  • I finished the machine learning book I’ve been reading and the back came with a buy another for 30% off coupon so I burned that coupon on yet another book but this one on analyzing networks.  I think I’m equipped to start climbing the Keras cliff now, though.
  • I have not finished Venice’s Secret Spies.  It’s a pretty slow, dense read but it’s full of all sorts of goodness.  I’m in the middle of written correspondence networks.  I had this hot idea about a CYOA adventure written in ink that is just about composing and sending intelligence email in Early Modern Europe but I never have any time for my hot hot ideas.

Oh yeah.  We bought the office a small window air conditioner.  It was getting over 85 in here even with the AC cranked downstairs.  Floors of the house went from sweltering -> cool -> ice cold.  Now we can get the cool -> ice cold under control and use the air conditioner whenever the office is in use.

This blog post was just a meandering mess.  So let’s kill it off and look at the stats.


  • 57,543,852 completed tests.
  • 4,707,863 positive cases
  • 158,151 dead
  • 91,710 cases in MD with 3,619 dead
  • 1 in 88 people have it in Howard County

It’s definitely climbing back up the hill to pandemic heights again here in Maryland.  (Charts here.)  We’re finding more of it — probably those CVS drive through testing stations.  A smaller climb of hospitalizations and fewer deaths.  This probably means it’s younger people getting it and we’re finding it but it’s still spreading like wildfire.  Maryland has started contact tracing, and finding that it’s all house parties and family gatherings.

People aren’t going to the bars here, but they are having huge gatherings and hanging around with each other.  Then people pass it to each other and… breakout.

Turns out it was Marlins players sneaking out to the bars that brought down the Marlins.  I get it.  I really want to go to a party with my friends and sit on their deck and drink and talk about stuff.  Like, more than anything.  I’m super bored of this thing.  Day 143!!!  DAY 143!!!

But it’s gotta get under control.  1000 people a day dying is not acceptable.  It’s not acceptable, folks.  It’s not.

Day 139: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

I keep opening WordPress, staring at a blank page, and then closing it again because I’m not even sure how to wrap my head around what is going on anymore.

But let’s try anyway.

Trump threatened yesterday to move the date of the election — a thing he cannot do — just like some kind of autocratic dictator because he’s desperately trying to find more time so he can pivot.

He has not only given up on the coronavirus, he’s given up on the economy. Being President is no longer fun, he isn’t going to win, he’s going to be a loser, and now he’s not going to bother with any of it anymore.  Unless everyone relents and lets him be President for Life, his new plan is to walk away and let it all burn.

I read a nice piece on Trump’s incentives which you can read here.  His incentives are:

  1. Win the election at any cost.
  2. Pass the buck and dodge blame for losing.
  3. Bind his voters to him tighter.
  4. Wander off to his next grift at 9.95 a month.

Nowhere in there is “protect down ballot lawmakers of his party” or “protect his party” or “protect American democracy.” He has no interest in any of those things.  He’s only interested in:



Passing the blame to someone else.

That’s it.  And since winning is off the table, here comes the obfuscation, the lies,  the blaming, the racism, the gaslighting, everything.  He doesn’t care about the economy because he can’t win on it, so screw it.  He doesn’t care about Americans — they can all burn as far as he is concerned.  He doesn’t care about 150,000 dead.

Trump hijacked the Republican Party and now it’s his creature, whatever that is.  Whatever the Republican Party used to be is dead now.  It’s not coming back.  Trump infested it, murdered it, and wears its skin.

Anyway, I am ranting.  But I am very deeply angry about the “let’s push the election date” trial balloon.  It’s so offensive down to my core, I don’t even know where to start.   It’s even more offensive — marginally — than the revelation that there is no national testing plan because a national testing plan included helping blue states.  Because if you are not part of Trump’s special voter clique, he is fine with letting you die.

This is the greatest single act of pure nihilism in the modern age.  He can’t win.  The race has become Trump vs the Virus, and the Virus cannot be spun, or gaslit, or lied to.  The Virus is immune to all of Trump’s bullying and attacks.  The Virus simply kills.  It’s Trump vs the Virus, and the Virus is winning.

Oh yeah.  And a hurricane is on its way.  Aiming right for Florida.  Where it is pandemic-city.  So that should work out well.

I so want to turn everything off and write a bit this weekend.  No news.  It just makes me angrier and angrier.


  • 54,466,962 tests completed.
  • 4,491,696 positive cases found.
  • 154,801 dead.
  • 87,743 cases in MD with 3,586 dead
  • 1 in 93 have it in Howard County

Here’s a study on how 260 campers were infected all at once at a summer camp in Georgia in June.  Most of them were children.  Think about that when talking about opening up the schools.


Day 137: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

During the day, I have banished my news feeds and twitter to my phone.

When we were all in the office, I had very few personal anything running on my machine.  Putting spotify on my machine was a huge concession — but I need trance to get into the deep work headspace these days.  I had a few slack chatrooms in my slack client. And that was it.  There weren’t any security requirements or anything that kept things off my box.  I was just too busy all day to bother opening them up.

Being home meant that I no longer had the dash between rooms between meetings.  I could indulge and have a separate browser with that stuff and take a peek when I had a break.  But it meant I had access to that stuff all day.

And things, deeply crazy things, now happen all day long.  I remember fondly when a deeply crazy thing was like… 9/11.  But it feels like we have some kind of 9/11-level event every day, day after day, with no end.

So I’ve now turned it off during the day.  And I’ll skim the headlines in the evening and read something long form on the coronavirus — the only news that actually matters.  That has reduced my headaches by nearly 50%.  I just stopped looking at it all day every day.  There’s nothing I can do so I might as well go forward.

As for the coronavirus, the world has turned into a grey slog.  Selfish people won’t wear masks, Congress won’t fund testing and tracing, and the Federal Government won’t even take a make believe leadership role, so we’re in for a long wait while we wait for everyone who is going to get it to get it, and everyone who is going to drop dead from it to drop dead from it.  That’s kind of what we’ve signed up for.  We live in the dumbest country in the world in the dumbest possible timeline.

Look, eventually, pandemics burn themselves out by themselves.  They kill everyone they’re going to kill and move on.  Now, when pandemics rage out of control and kill everyone they’re going to kill, they tend to kill a huge number of people.  Check out, say, the Plague of Justinian in 541 AD.  Killed maybe 10% of the population of the entire world.  The Great Plague of London in 1666 killed 15% of the population of London.  That’s how this works.

It looks like new cases have gone down a tad in the US, but the death rate is, of course, skyrocketing.

I don’t even know any more.  There’s a part of me that is full of utter rage at a calamity that didn’t need to happen.  That never needed to happen.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump somehow thinks that what we all really really really really want, right now, in 2020, with the world on fire and body bags piling up and the economy in shambles, is a major change in the Affordable Housing Rules.  Tableflip.

We’re not really doing anything right now except watching Star Trek Discovery.  Although I’ll watch Cursed tonight.


  • 53,825,445 tests completed
  • 4,358,031 cases found in the US
  • 152,085 dead
  • 86,096 cases in MD with 3,558 dead
  • 1 in 95 have it in Howard County

I don’t actually believe that the plague spread is slowing down.  I think that the labs are over capacity and are backed up by a week or more, and that is what is reflected in the data.  I also suspect that the data is less good than it should be.

Meanwhile, we’re back up to 1500 people dying a day.  We are experiencing 1 9/11 every 2 days again.  No one seems to care.  Remember when we cared about 9/11?  1 every 2 days, people.




Day 135: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

If you are reading this blog and you live in the State of Maryland, please go to elections.maryland.gov and register to receive a mail-in ballot.  Hogan declared that everyone who wants a mail-in ballot can have one, but the state is not automatically sending them out to you.  You must put in a formal request and send it to the Maryland Board of Elections.

Although I would vastly prefer to go out and vote in person, I requested my ballot.  While Maryland might be fine in the Fall, I’m not sure anywhere else will be.  I see no real movement by the Federal Government to even attempt to fix anything. I do see attempts to make things actively worse.

So please, go request your ballot.


I’m working on my Mom’s quilt store website on-again off-again and I’ve been stumped for weeks on the store and inventory requirements.   Dumb thing is, I probably could have written the PHP for the store against the Woocommerce API in a long weekend, but I’m trying very hard not to write any code because my availability to long term support anything is near nil.

You’d think a long arm quilt shop would be a fairly simple and straight forward store to build but no, it turns out to be the single most difficult thing to do on the Internet.  Who knew?  I’ve gone through, I think at this point, every WordPress “thing” there is and I’m just banging my head against wall.  I’ve even, god help me, asked for help.  And now I am roaming the Internet like some weird Internet gunslinger with the requirements in nice, neat bullet point form.  And the answer I’m largely getting is: “I’m stumped, too.”

I’m just complaining because I’m stuck and I don’t like being stuck.  I’ll keep exploring and see if I find any solution. It’s like the algorithmic problem no one can ever solve.  And it’s just a store, and stores should be a solved problem now.

Also, I’ve been reading Venice’s Secret Spies and now I have some fresh new Eversink Ideas:

  1. The Postal Guild (will get written up soon as I get two hours to rub together.)
  2. Eversink Diplomatic Embassies — how do they work abroad?  How do they work in Eversink?
  3. Prophets in the Eversink Intelligence Network.
  4. And the ever-present “how does crypto work in a world of magic?”  (An old canard of mine — I still haven’t completely solved it except with one time pads.)

The guy most likely to get time is to write up a quick splat for the Eversink Post Office Guild and its rival, the Eversink Package and Post Delivery Guild, and let them fight it out in my head and in text.  But it needs for me to have a slug of time and, weirdly, except for baking, there’s been no slugs of time.  Just none.


Maybe I should watch less Star Trek.


  • 51,491,494 tests completed.
  • 4,239,754 cases found.
  • 149,091 dead
  • 84,306 cases in MD with 3,541 dead
  • 1 in 97 people has it here in Howard County

We’re definitely about to hit a new mark with 150,000 dead.

I’m super bored of COVID-19 and I want to see people again.  But it won’t happen until people stop being selfish jerks.  Which will never ever happen.


Day 134: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

So, uh, I forgot to blog.  For days.  I got distracted.  I had a really good reason for getting distracted.

But I’m doing it right now!

I’ve been binging the news a little less than normal because a) everything has fallen into a sort of horrible stasis and b) it’s getting repetitive. Summed up it’s:

  • Trump is pulling this horrible election-time stunt by sending DHS alphabet soup into Portland to provoke violence and they’re (quite) successfully provoking violence in a giant show of anti-Constitutional authoritarianism.  He somehow believes that if everyone will get good and scared, they’ll all vote for the Great White Savoir.  It’s not working.  From all the polls, it is simply not working. All us here in Baltimore are worried he’s going to send troops here, even though Baltimore has been quieter than usual.
  • The Federal Government continues to refuse to do its job in the pandemic in any way, shape or form.
  • The Republicans are horrible and love the idea of kicking off a Great Depression under Trump because somehow they think crashing the economy into the ground is a sound electoral strategy and…
  • People are dying in droves from COVID-19 and people won’t wear masks because they’re idiots.

There’s this constant drumbeat of stupid coming out of the White House and the GOP where they have the economy and the pandemic in two different buckets when they are, in fact, the same exact thing.  And since they have decided to disbelieve in the pandemic — until they themselves get the bug – they won’t invest in testing, and people will die, and people will get scared, and people will not leave their homes, and the economy will die.  I mean, this isn’t hard.  This is like Freshmen-level econ stuff.  There’s no fancy calculus involved.




Maybe Trump can entertain the country with more bragging about his dementia test.

I’ve been up to pretty much nothing other than watching Star Trek: Discovery, knitting a sock, reading my way through Venice’s Secret Spies (incredibly academic and insanely entertaining), baking, and gaming too much.  I beat Rune Factory 4 and now I need a new game where I fiddle to the conclusion.  The more intellectual things I was working toward — trying to master Rust, more machine learning, Russian — all seem to be on hold with my brain tapioca and gaming filling in all my “time to read” time.

Granted, I had a bunch of hours yesterday to read but instead, I baked two sets of cookies and now the house has enough carbs to last a lifetime.  (That said, the lemon poppy-seed cookies I baked from the Better Homes and Gardens Cookie Classics book are amazeballs.  Amazeballs!)

On the exercise front, we’re spending more time with the bikes.  We need lighter bikes — our bikes are old heavy ones.  We’re also spending more time greeting our neighbors!  That’s been the one cool thing about the pandemic — we’ve seen tons of our neighbors.

So anyway.  There’s not tons to blog about.  I feel like we’re all trapped in a really horrible Trump-induced flat circle.

I read yesterday that the worst year ever in history was not 2020, but 1562.  It was the year both Diego de Landa burned all the books of the Maya, and John Hawkins initiated the Triangle Trade.  I’ll buy it.


  • 50,635,683 tests completed.
  • 4,186,193 cases found.
  • 148,638 dead
  • 83,617 cases in MD with 3,535 dead
  • 1 out of 97 people in Howard County have it or had it

We don’t know how many cases are actually out there because the testing sites are overrun and its taking up to 12 days to get results back from a test.  So figure another 500K positives running around at least.

Although people have said the number of infected is likely closed to 40M than 4M…

Day 129: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

Because 2020, our neighbor’s house caught on fire at 2am last night.  The humans are fine, the pets are not.  It looks like it started in the garage.  The whole right side of the house is totaled.   It’s very tragic.  It’s also very 2020.  2020, the nightmare year that will not end.

Looks like Trump has cobbled himself the fascist’s tool of a national police force and is inflicting it on that hotbed of violence and radicals, Portland, Oregon.  A city best known for its hipsters and its microbrews.  The Founders didn’t even want a standing military because they were afraid a President would use it as a tool of oppression.  But as we’ve found, the military isn’t too interested in fascist repression.  So Trump reaches for his goons.

We worried about this when GWB set up DHS in the first place.  Homeland Security was a centralized clearing house where someone unscrupulous could do something bad.  We were told at the time that no one unscrupulous would come along.  Ha ha, weren’t we had there.  Because someone unscrupulous has come along and the only governing principle he seems to understand is bullying brutality.

All those right wingers for years warning their people to get their guns because the liberals were coming for them.  And when someone actually does roll out straight up fascist repression with unmarked goons, unmarked trucks, and rogue data collection, they all give a collective shrug and mutter something about statues.  The GOP doesn’t even stand for the things the GOP has actually gone on and on about for years.    That’s how spineless they are.

I don’t know how this Portland thing is going to end, but I assume not good.  And I’m concerned this is a preview to country-wide voter repression in November.  Are they going to have goons grab people waiting in lines to vote and take them to some kind of concentration camp?  We have no idea.  We know they’re capable of building concentration camps — they’re all along the southern border.  What we don’t know is the final point of these DHS creeps.

Somehow, Trump thinks this will help him get re-elected.

This whole thing is freaking me out completely.  And they want to deploy this to Baltimore.  You know, right up the street, up 95 Baltimore.  Baltimore does not need DHS creeps running around.  Baltimore can handle itself.  We don’t want them.  Hogan doesn’t want them.  The Baltimore police don’t want them.  No one wants these people.

No one wants them.  No one wants jack booted thugs.  Except, apparently, Donald Trump.

But back in the world of “people dying at 900 a day” and “everything is terrible,” I have a Biden quote I like:

Joe Biden slammed President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic in a MSNBC interview, claiming that the president has “raised the white flag.”

Said Biden: “I think he’s right, no country has ever done what he’s done — walk away. There is no leadership here.”

He added: “He raised the white flag. He has no idea what to do. It’s zero. It’s only one thing he has in mind — how does he win reelection? And it doesn’t matter how many people get COVID and or die from COVID because he fears that if the economy is strapped as badly as it is today that, in fact, he is going to be in trouble.”

Surrender monkey indeed.


  • 46,469,524 total tests completed
  • 3,843,941 total cases of COVID-19
  • 143,266 dead
  • 79,251 cases in MD with 3,487 dead
  • 1 in 103 people have it in Howard County

That case load number is probably lagging by up to 10 days because the labs are backed up.  And in Maryland, the case rate is shooting up again because everyone is hanging out in bars and giving it to each other.

Day 125: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

Yeah, I’d like to stop writing these.  But yesterday we had 77,000 cases, so no dice.

Let’s talk about something fun instead.

Last night, we played the first playtest of Kevin’s fork of Swords of the Serpentine called SHAAARK.  Kevin is addicted to these super terrible shark movies, and built a cinematic one-shot RPG experience so we could all enjoy super terrible shark movies.  He designing it in public over on FB, if you want to follow along.

For everyone’s entertainment, I did tweet out the entire session.  (Warning, possible bad words, sharks, and dismemberment by shark.)  The character creation is delightful and the game played well, but it was the first live playtest.  Enormous fun was had, people were eaten, we blew up a zombie shark, there were jokes.

And hey, for a first playtest, a completely functional game from beginning to end is a huge win.

Tonight, we’re going to go back into Avernus, which is ranged competency porn all the time until we encounter, say, a corner.  Then we’re going to get torn to shreds. And tomorrow, we’ll play a session of our on-again, off-again Dragonheist game where no doubt we will get in trouble and have to fight our way out.

The savior of the pandemic: gaming.  And when we get tired of RPG gaming with the intense zoom fatigue, we then have video gaming.

Everything else in the world is terrible, so I’ll leave this as a short post.  Let’s go to the big board of stats and data!  How are we doing with our friend, COVID-19?


  • 43,351,945 total test results.
  • 3,593,832 positive results.  By the way, the population of the United States is 328.2 million, so that’s 1%  of the total population.  While 1% might seem like a teeny weeny number, that’s absolutely enormous.  And that only counts the people who have been tested!
  • 140,659 confirmed dead.  This is picking up speed again.
  • 76,237 cases in MD with 3,450 dead
  • 1 in 109 people have it in Howard County

Goddamnit Maryland People.  This week the number of cases started to climb again.  Are people not wearing their masks?  What is wrong with you Maryland people.

Yeah, so, that’s a huge jump in case load and the dead.  The case load likely much larger than that.  We simply ran out of tests and now there is an 8-10 day wait for a result.  Which, well, by time it comes back, you might be dead.  Good luck with that.



Day 124: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

Twitter broke out in a few hours of hilarity yesterday when celebrity accounts were taken over by a bitcoin scammer.  But it’s also terrifying, too — this was a social engineering attack that targeted Twitter employees who had admin access to the backend systems.  Sure, a bitcoin scammer is pretty harmless all things considered, and the mess was cleaned up quickly, but people have been taking orders from Trump’s twitter feed for years.  A smarter hacker, or one who thought more strategically, could have used his feed to tweet out attacks on foreign countries, or ordered the military to mobilize — or made some larger economic pronouncement that moved markets in a way positive for cryptocurrency.

This is why the President — and all these high profile leaders — need to stop running their countries through social media.  And put down their phones.  And get back to work.  There’s a pandemic on out there.

We’re taking steps to fortify Kate’s areas in the house for school in the Fall.  She cannot do school from her big box in her bedroom.  (For Christmas, we built her a PC to spec for all her adobe applications and her art workchain.  It worked too well, and now it’s a big distraction machine.  It would be like me trying to work from the laptop that has Stellaris installed on it.)  We’ve been building a dedicated work area for school in the basement that we also use for gaming.  Now we’re adding a dock for her Surface 4 with some hardwired ethernet for Zoom classes.

I’m not sure what else we can do.  The school told us they are doing partial in-class in the Fall for the High School students, but we don’t actually know what that means.  She was supposed to do competitive Tennis this fall, so I guess that’s done.  And she was going to do Advanced Stagecraft and work on learning art and set design, which are her real passions.  What about Chemistry and soon-to-be AP Chemistry?  How does one do lab from home?

I cannot imagine what people who don’t have their entire homes wired and 15,000 computers just “lying around” and a big pile of Amazon points to burn on equipment are doing or going through.  We acknowledged we are crazy privileged in this regard.  The house is literally full of computers.  We will stop eating before we turn off the Internet.  What are other people doing?  This can’t possibly work for everyone.  32 million people are on unemployment.  How are they supposed to pay for all this equipment?

The school thing is a) the only conversation in town right now and b) a worry that is punching right through every spectrum in US society because no one knows what is going on.  It touches everyone.  It’s the only thing on the table right now.  The conversation is tinged with an aura of: “You had plenty of time to fix this pandemic, and you didn’t, and now you are putting our kids at risk!!!!”

Like everyone else, we’re pretty frustrated with this.  The kids are uber frustrated — they want to see their friends.  We’re frustrated — I want to send my kid to her school and get her back on track.  The school is frustrated — they have no good guidance of how to open safely.

This is all crushingly, insanely bad.  Threatening to defund schools and demand kids go back is not the answer.  At all.  It’s an anti-answer.  A non-answer.  A complete dropping of responsibility for an answer on the floor.

We’re doing everything we can do.

It’s so awful.

I’m taking a break from all this misery to playtest SHAAAARK tonight.


  • 42,521,027 tests completed.
  • 3,518,026 confirmed infections.  Is this really up 106,000?!?!?  I think some numbers came in late.
  • 139,698 dead.  That’s a big spike, too.  Data weirdness.
  • 75,576 cases in MD with 3,443 dead
  • 1 out of 110 people have it in Howard County

It’s getting worse everywhere.  Sheesh.  At least the voters are planning to punish Trump but even a President Biden will be too little, too late for an awful lot of people.

Day 123: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

I had this hot idea yesterday.

I would take out a clickbait ad, the kind that runs on all the sites in a block with “celebrity disasters” and whatnot.  The ad would say: “Click here for One Easy Trick to Stop the Coronavirus.”  When someone clicked on it, it would go to a single page site that would have WEAR YOUR GODDAMN MASK in giant 100-point comic sans font with blink tabs backed with blaring music from a mariachi band and screaming neon visuals and googly eyes and robot arms would reach out of the Internet itself and shove a mask into the person’s left ear.

That’s all I got.

The game seems to be now we’re going to discredit Dr. Fauci, doctors, and data itself to make people think that everything is ok and send kids back to school and people back to work to revive the economy to get Trump re-elected.  Thus the really bizarre ham-handed attempt to drop oppo on Dr. Fauci to all the “Fake News” outlets and, when no one bit, running a sad op-ed from Navarro, who of course knows everything about viruses – in USA Today.  (I am not going to dignify it with a link.  You can google it if you’re curious.)  Data will no longer be routed to the CDC but to some unknown government contractor in HHS.  Luckily, because everything has been so “make the states deal with it!” that all the reporting is based on state and not Federal numbers but it cuts the CDC out of the loop.

This is a crazy rube goldberg plan.   It makes no sense.  It drips of jealousy.  And it feels like the end of every Trump plan, ever.  Everything he’s ever touched went down in flames in a conflagration of bankruptcy and lawsuits and lies.  How would a pandemic murdering people turn out any different?

Oh, and meanwhile, they’re trying to kill the Post Office. Why?  Who knows. Because it employs brown people.  Because people use it.  Because it’s something the government does.  Because it’s how people vote absentee.  Or because they’re cruel people who like to break things.

The only thing that could possibly save Trump is some massive 3rd party challenge from Biden’s left that would pull away young people and minorities but even that not-so subtle plan failed.

Meanwhile, Florida leads the world in COVID-19 cases.  Every one of its cities ranks in the top-20 of worst infected sites in the world.  Here are the charts from Florida, which should absolutely terrify you.  Every other Western Country in the world has the virus under control now except us.  Every.  Single. One.  Full stop.

Jesus Christ.  In the absence of any leadership whatsoever, maybe the best thing we can do is run clickbait ads that tell people to put on their goddam masks.

I am so frustrated with this thing.  And this new “let’s discredit the doctors” thing is sticking in my craw something terrible.  I just can’t with it.  I just can’t.  It’s so stupid, I just can’t.

I’m soothing myself with some polls here and here.  I’d feel a little weird ranting but it seems like I have a solidly majority opinion.

I finished MurderBot last night and I need a new series to obsess over.  Help.


  • 41,764,557 test results.  Now with 8-10 day turn arounds which make the tests functionally useless.
  • 3,411,321 positives in the US.
  • 138,106 dead from Covid-19.  Millions more scarred for life.
  • 74,124 cases in MD with  3,425 dead
  • 1 in 113 have it in Howard County (no change)

Maryland continues to hover in the “ok but can easily not be ok” range.  We’re going up very slowly.  Wear your mask, or I’m coming to your house and shoving one in your left ear.


Day 122: A Day in the Life of COVID-19

Yeah, ok, I meant to write something yesterday and didn’t.  I am made of pure lies.


We have been adopted by a feral cat, whom I have now named MurderCat.  It’s a small black and white cat who moved in one day.  It goes between the plants in the front to the boxes on the side of the house (my poor gardening boxes…) and under the deck.  It prowls around in the woods behind the house.  I’m 99% sure MurderCat is why I have flowers out front this year since it eats all the bunnies.  And bunnies are delicious.

I’m not sure what we can do about getting it fixed since I’m not too excited about having a huge number of baby MurderCats prowling around.  It may already be fixed.  It looks a bit too healthy to be completely feral, but it’s definitely living on our property.  So I don’t know.  I guess we have a cat now.

The workout thing has really become a thing and not because I have dropped a pants size.  Or maybe not only because I have dropped a pants size.  (I have actually gained 8 lbs.  But you’d never know it from my waistline.  I can see it finally visibly coming off my hips now.)  The bike rides on the weekends were monumentally harder than whatever I was doing on the exercise bike, so I kept getting taken unawares by the sheer difficulty of pushing that heavy bike up a hill.  But there’s a solution to that: make the exercise bike harder until I felt near-equivalent pain.  I’ve been setting the bike to one of my routines and jacking the difficulty up.  And then huffing through that.

The end result is that I am walking around the house wanting to eat everything.  I am starving all the time.

Coming back to Covid, here’s Andrew Cuomo on Trump and Covid which is the most poignant and well-put statement floating around right now.  The President now says that his own health officials are lying about the virus.  The CDC is lying.  The NIH is lying.  Dr. Fauci is lying.

Cuomo is right — if everyone is lying, why doesn’t Trump fire them. That’s what a real leader who wanted to solve the problem would do.  If they’re lying about everything, why do they still have jobs?

He doesn’t want to fire them.  In fact, he can’t fire them.  He wants, he needs, someone to blame.  Meanwhile, 138,000 people are dead and Trump played two rounds of golf last weekend.

Oh, and everyone, send your kids back to school in the Fall!  That way, parents can get back to work and make money and we can re-open the economy and it will be great just like it was back in February!  Remember February?  How great it was in February?  How great your 401K was in February?  Then you’ll reward us at the ballot box in November for our genius instead of handing a landslide to the Democrats!  No, we won’t give schools Federal money to help make them safe.  What are you, crazy?  That’s deficit spending!  And it’s a state problem!  The states can go it alone!



  • 41,004,275 tests completed
  • 3,382,466 positive results
  • 137,724 dead
  • 74,124 cases in MD with 3,425 dead
  • 1 in 113 have it in Howard County

Today is going to be a blockbuster day for reporting.  It’ll be… great.

A tweet from Eric Cox at the Baltimore Sun:

Maryland’s coronavirus numbers not encouraging today: 733 new cases, the most since June 5; hospitalizations up with 29 additional patients to 415 – four out of last 6 days has seen an increase.

And it’s come back to us, too.


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